Sewing…A Lost Art Form!



In our previous generation, most women made all their families clothes and the skill was passed on to their daughters. By the mid 1970s, sewing education had already been dropped from many school curriculums. As more women began working outside the home, and globalization altered the  competitiveness of the clothing market, sewing was no longer cost effective, or practical.

Sewing offers many benefits. Sewing as a hobby nurtures and encourages creativity which can help us de-stress and unbind our minds in a time where much of our daily life is spent accomplishing cerebral, left-brain tasks. Sewing basics can be learned in just a few classes which is enough for one to be able to alter, and repair their own clothes. A good quality older model sewing machine can be picked second hand up for about $40 and are easier to learn on than the some of the newer computerized machines. With only a few basic sewing skills, one could save hundreds of dollars a year by repurposing dated clothing and altering their own clothes!

Author: Marina Sobe-Panek

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