6 red dresses that made history!

6 red dresses that made history!

It’s that time of year again! Get ready to break out your little red dress in anticipation of Valentine’s Day. The red dress has come a long way throughout history, thanks to the iconic women who wore them. To honor Valentine’s Day and its signature color, we’re taking a look back at the red frocks that made history.

Betty Boop was created by animator Max Fleischer in 1930. Her character was a natural flirt, so Fleischer put her in a short, strapless, red dress. The cartoon caught the attention of many and has become iconic over time for being effortlessly sexy and feminine. There’s no denying that her fiery red dress makes her instantly noticeable and undeniably charming.

Throughout Marilyn Monroe’s career, she made many dresses famous. However, one of her most iconic dresses was the red sequin, showgirl dress worn in the filmGentlemen Prefer Blondes. The dress had a plunging neckline and a dangerously high slit, leaving little to the imagination and a lasting impression on the world. The dress later sold in an auction for $1.47 million.

Audrey Hepburn is known for her classic and chic style. On and off-screen, she wore a lot of black, white, and has even said she enjoys wearing pink. However, in the 1957 film Funny Face, Hepburn wore something a little bolder – and completely unforgettable. The director wanted something tamer, but Edith Head styled Audrey in a vivacious red dress designed by Givenchy. After the film, Givenchy and Edith Head were both nominated for an Oscar for this famous frock.

No one does red like Valentino! The designer loves the color so much that he has his own shade, called “Valentino Red.” He was inspired by the hue back when he was still a fashion design student and saw a woman wearing red. He thought she looked like the perfect heroine and in that moment he decided that when he became a designer, he would use plenty of red. His first red dress was called Fiesta; it was a strapless number with a full skirt and tulle rosettes.

Princess Diana loved red so much that she wore it often. She was so known for wearing the shade that it became a common misconception that the song “Lady in Red,” was written about her. Her most iconic red moment was when she wore a red chiffon dress embroidered with tartan by Bruce Oldfield. The dress was unique and daring, but she made it look elegant and classic.

Pretty Woman is not just a great movie to watch on Valentine’s Day, it’s also the film in which another red dress made history. America’s sweetheart Julia Roberts starred in this rom-com classic – stealing our hearts yet again. The costume she wore in the Opera scene became one of the most recognizable dresses in both film and fashion history!

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