Vionnet and Schiaparelli designs in the 1930s!


Vionnet and Schiaparelli designs in the 1930s

Two fashion designers that found the perfect blend of innovation in 1930s fashion design but doing so within boundaries were Madeleine Vionnet and Elsa Schiaparelli. Both of these designers created memorable fashions that were in step with 1930s concepts of what looks good.  The knitted white bow that was a hallmark of 1930s women’s fashion was a creation of Elsa Schiaparelli.  These 1930s designers also made fashions that were helpful to women in the workplace such as a woman’s suit that even had pockets that looked like drawers.

The decade was well known for creativity and style and that approach to 1930s fashion was contributed to by Vionnet who drew fashion ideas from statues of the ancient Greeks.  Vionnet was a designer that became quite popular in the 1930s because of the use of stylish and flowing lines in the dresses that they produced.  These styles fit with the mood of the times to continue the trend toward 1930s fashions that asserted the independence of women but did so while emphasizing creativity, femininity and beauty.  Small wonder 1930s fashion styles started trends that have been repeated often since that era.

Vintage Jewellery on the Red Carpet!

Hollywood has always had a love affair with everything vintage. Vintage jewelry has been worn by celebrities such as Jada Pinkett-Smith, Katie Holmes Cruise and Rihanna. The idea of owning or wearing a piece of jewelry that you won’t see on anyone else is the key element. It all comes down to rarity and history, and the celebrities love playing on the idea of old Hollywood glam. It’s also a matter of craftsmanship, the way the pieces are made and the designs that provide that special something. It’s the range of styles that makes antique jewelry work so well with contemporary fashions. Today, there are multitudes of designers on the red carpet and they each have a different point of view. And a lot of their designs are influenced by the Edwardian period, by the Retro period, the Hollywood glamour period, the twenties. So it’s only natural to have period jewels to complement those looks. Vintage yellow gold jewelry is one of the hottest trends that has definitely come back into vogue. Pieces from the Retro 1940s to the bold ’70s have made it onto countless red carpets. Oversized cuffs accented with diamonds and colored stones, big door-knocker style earrings and large cocktail rings set with diamonds and semiprecious stones have added an element of color and fun.

 Shoe Styles In The 1940s!

Because of the war in the early 1940’s, shoes became very difficult and expensive to buy. The result were shoes that have become classic. Simple, sturdy, and affordable.

1. Mary Jane. Low heeled Mary Jane style shoes were a staple. A single strap across the foot and chunky heel had been common for several decades. It was a solid design, comfortable, and easy to make. Leather was rationed during the war so shoes were made of fabric, mesh etc.

2. Oxfords. Oxford shoes are a symbol of the 1950’s, but they were equally popular in the 1940’s. Heels were usually low and worn with white socks, making them ideal for everyday wear. Later in the decade the heels began to grow taller and the shape turned classier.

3. Wedgies. Wedgies were one way women could add height without wearing a heeled shoe. The soles were made of cork and gave lift to the heel without creating a gap in the sole. Still popular in fashion today, especially in the spring and summer.

4.  Peep Toe. By the late 1940’s all conservatism from the war was over. Shoe heels grew taller, leather became the primary material, and toes began to peep through. Peep toe shoes are the most popular 1940’s shoe today. The term “pumps” was also becoming common way to describe 3 inch heel shoes with no strap.

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