Vintage Clothing: 1940s -1960s style dress and clothing


The 1950s are one of the popular eras of vintage style clothing. The 50 style dresses have brought many changes in the community where, the possibilities for style have become never-ending. 1960s style dresses were considered to be standard, nonaggressive and old-fashioned dresses.  Vintage clothing has always become a famous sensation, but to perceive where to buy it, how to wear it, and which era suits your personality could be a crucial challenge.

It’s not surprising that Grace Kelly, who had an impeccable style, sophisticated tastes, favoring feminine dresses with personalized tops and calf-skimming skirts nipped at the waits, Kelly became an iconic style in the fashion plate. Every age is a comeback as today’s designers are changing their style and retro designer’s have a habit of imitating the earlier vintage fashion eras.  Let’s look back in the history to learn more about Vintage style and dresses.

1940s Vintage style dress

1940′s style was vigorously affected by the war, when proportioning was vital. Women’s clothes took on a masculine militant look with the invention of shoulder pads. Every dress, blouse or jacket was fitted with shoulder pads that extended just past the edge of the shoulder.  The 40′s suit got to be prevalent with square shoulders and straight skirts. After the war, styles moved as in 1947 Christian Dior outlined the “New Look”, with nipped in waists and full female skirts. The 1940′s style dresses is immaculate on the off chance that you’ve got a little waist and fuller hips.

Late 1950s Vintage style & dresses

The late 50s style dress were portrayed by the matchy-matchy pattern. Style planners took the “whole appearance” to its definitive decision, making whole troupes that matched, from chapeau to shoe. It was the time of the superbly arranged suburban housewife in her pillbox cap, boxy coat and straight skirt, decorated with matching gloves, shoes, cinch and handbag. The other most dominating style was the bullet bra, where most of the dresses will be larger in the bust than normal. . All the swingy wide, skirts and dirndl ideas of vintage 50s style dresses was antiquated – refinement, as portrayed by thin forms, tweeds and cowhide were extremely popular

Mid-1960s Vintage Style Fashion

A Whole range of dress designs were created during the 1960s. The Fashion industry during that era, demanded that ladies were requesting a come back to the “female,” and designers were glad to provide it. The swingy skirt of fifties dresses were back, however they offered both less fabric and less swing. Furthermore in an exertion to give gentility a true workout, Coco Chanel brought back the hair bow and the ideal outfit topper. Early 60′s style dresses had the 50′s look with somewhat higher hemlines on gathering dresses, so in case you’re a shorter young lady with a curvy figure search for 1960′s gathering dresses to hit exactly at your knee. Move and Sack dresses and additionally the Mod look likewise became possibly the most important factor, with no conclusive waistline and a shorter length, this style looks best on a young lady who has a fuller center and needs to show off a little leg.

Vintage style clothing of every era is becoming popular these days. By knowing what fits best for your body, you can buy vintage clothes easily. Check our store to get vintage style dresses and start flaunting.

Author: Marina Sobe-Panek

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