1940s Fashion Womens Vintage Blouses BLOUSE AGLAYA

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Neat lines, a laconic row of buttons and a deep chocolate shade of a fabric with a golden pattern – this is a real awakening of beauty and elegance, which fully manifests itself in the vintage blouse “Aglaya.” The retro-style outfit will undoubtedly add a touch of glamor from the 1940s and display all the chic fashion of that time, bringing you closer to the style of the magnificent Hedy Lamarr. And gold trim and intentionally underlined waist will involuntarily attract the attention of the men, making you the star of the evening.

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1940s Fashion Womens Vintage Blouses BLOUSE AGLAYA

Channelling the beauty and sophistication of Hedy Lamarr, the blouse AGLAYA blouse will add a touch of 1940s glamour whatever it’s worn with. With deep chocolatey hues, golden floral detailing and a nipped-in waist, this is a truly stunning piece.

Made in Portugal

Fabric: ITALY (woven to order)

Composition: 82% PL 15% VI  3%PA

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10 (40), 12 (42), 14 (44), 6 (36), 8 (38)


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