29.10.2016 How to dress like a 1940s glamorous icon! Как же одеться, как  иконы гламура 1940-х !

How to dress like a 1940s glamorous icon!

How to dress like a 1940s glamorous icon!

Due to the lack of options that woman had in the 1940s, the key fashion trend became practicality and minimalism. This included dark colours such as; black, grey, brown and navy which reflected the atmosphere that the war had created. Suits and dresses were plain with no embroidery or embellishments, and a strict 3 button and 2 pocket rule was enforced. Typical accessories included tiny hats, large handbags and thick high heeled shoes, often with wooden soles. However, what they lacked in choice they sure made up for in glamour with the 1940s silhouette creating one of the most feminine of all time. As fabric was reined in, hemlines rose and meant that women could show off their legs. Broad padded shoulders and nipped-in waists were also the typical shape of the time. A strong fashion icon during this era was Hollywood actress, Katharine Hepburn. She opted to wear trousers rather than skirts as she felt more comfortable, a statement that ultimately changed the perception of how women should dress.


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